Cost of Domain and Hosting Service

The cost of domain and hosting service depends on many factors. Domain selling company, domain extension and hosting service provider are important. To understand it better we will split this article into two sections. In one section you can read everything about buying a new domain and in other you can read about hosting services. Let us understand everything step by step. By the end of this article you should be able to understand the cost of domain and hosting service better.

What is domain name and why we need it

A domain name registration is among the initial requirements of website development. This works as an identifier in an ocean of websites. Anyone can open your website if they know the domain name. You must have an address (domain name) on the internet. This may or may not be a company name. Whenever a user opens a website he enters a domain name (

Check Domain Availability, hosting service provider

Booking a domain name

First of all booking a domain name is quick and easy. You can go to any domain provider and make a purchase. The only difference is price. Price of domain is not the same but similar on most websites. The difference is due to the profit margin and cost to the company. There is a fixed fee companies pay to ICANN. Full form of ICANN is – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This organization has a major role in managing IP addresses of domain registrants across the globe. Final cost of domain depends on how much margin the domain registrant adds. Additionally there are government taxes also.

Domain registration companies and Cost of Domain

First of almost every website development proposal by Softrock comes with free domain. Our customers need not to worry about it. In other cases we allow them to book elsewhere. There are many companies for domain registration. Starting from to the list is long. We do not limit the customers. If you already have a domain name, we can use an existing one.

Domain Extensions

Domain extension is the last part of domain. For example in the domain extension is .com. All domain extensions come at different prices. Therefore, cost of domain also depends on the domain extension you are selecting. There are 100’s of domain extensions available in the market. Check a few facts about domain extensions.

A .com domain is the most common domain extension.

As per some internet reports more than 50% websites run on a .com extension.

Some common domain extensions include .net, .org and .co etc.

You can buy country specific domains like .in (india), .us (united states), .uk(united kingdom) etc.

If you have a specific domain extension in mind which is not from the common domains. Check the cost of specific domain extension and renewal cost before moving ahead with the website deal.

Frequently asked questions?

Here is a list of most common questions about the domain registration process.

Can I buy domain and hosting from different companies?
Yes, you can buy domain and hosting from different companies. Additionally, It is also possible without any hassle.

Can I transfer domain from one registrar to another?
Why not. You can easily transfer domain from one registrar to another. All you need is access to the domain control panel or domain authorization code. Make sure the domain is unlocked at the registrant company.

How can I compare the cost of domain registration from different companies?

There are many articles available on the internet. You can read them to get a fair idea. But we recommend directly going to the domain registrant website and comparing yourself. Due to this you will get to know more about booking a domain..

Website Hosting

Website hosting or web hosting service gives you space on the internet. As we know that a website is set of few html pages (or code). This also requires some space to run. It is similar to running software on a local machine or phone. We should have enough memory (space) available to run the application. Same way we also need internet space on the server to run a website. This space is web hosting.

The cost of website hosting depends on the speed of the server. A high capacity server will cost more than a slower one. Many companies run websites on shared hosting and some on VPS. You should worry not about the platform if the website speed is good and the server is secure. The website hosting price is normally higher than the cost of domain registration. Softrock is also a hosting service provider. Due to this hosting service cost is also part of our website development plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that our customers normally ask. These questions will also solve most queries about hosting services.

Where do you host the website if I take the website from you?

Since you are taking services from us, Softrock will be your hosting service provider. We provide a complete solution. Cost of domain and hosting is covered.

How much space will I get?

Hosting space is dependent on the website development plan you select. Due to this we have standard hosting plans available based on service. Above all in case your website needs more space in future, we increase the space without any cost. The commitment is to make sure the website runs smoothly.

I do not want to host on your server. How can I do it?

We recommend using our server for ease of use and flexibility. But it is perfectly fine to host elsewhere. You can simply buy a hosting plan from the company of your choice and inform us. You may also go ahead with AWS server or any other option. All we need is your hosting credentials (working) to upload your website.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

Full form of VPS is virtual private server. This works similar to a dedicated server. Dedicated server is like your physical machine. Companies keep dedicated servers at a data center location because data centers work round the clock. From a data center, you can access it across the globe. In the case of VPS you do not get access to a physical machine. Because it is not a physical machine or a dedicated server. All data gets stored on the cloud. The big machine is divided into smaller VPS. In the case of VPS you also get root level access via remote desktop connection. Additionally, the need is completely dependent on the real time requirement. For example you need 100 GB of space, you can buy a VPS. We recommend use of VPS for bigger applications.

Space requirement depends on the individual website development need. For example, the space requirement for ecommerce website hosting and blog website hosting is different. Above all it depends on the traffic. For most websites shared hosting works fine. You can also discuss this with the hosting service provider for more clarification. The cost of VPS is very high in comparison with shared hosting. In some cases it is 15-20 times higher than shared hosting. Therefore we recommend use of shared hosting for websites. Due to this you enjoy good speed and reasonable pricing. As a result the combined cost of domain and service is not very high.