Difference Between Free Technical Support and Paid Technical Support

First of all you need to understand what technical support is. Once you know the basics then you can identify the difference between free technical support and paid technical support.

What is tech support?

Technical support or tech support is manual or automated support linked with a software product or service. Here we are specifically talking about software applications and websites. Issues like websites not working are part of tech support. In case of software related issues it can be some bug causing the hindrance. Anything technical you cannot resolve yourself is also a technical support.

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Free Technical Support

Free Technical Support is a myth. Nothing comes free because in the IT industry time is the most valuable asset. First of all IT companies calculate the time involved in providing tech support to customers. This amount gets added to the base plan. As a customer you do not have to pay the amount separately. This makes the process easy so we call it free technical support.

You can also call it a basic tech support plan that comes as standard. It is the same as getting warranty on products as part of a standard package.

Services covered in free standard Support?

We ensure that your website or software application keeps working. In case this is not working, our team helps you fix the issue. Each website development proposal is covered with free technical support. Whenever we are making a website we ensure that our customers get the best value for their money. Therefore, we include a good list of features in free technical support also.

  1. Hosting related issue
  2. Changing images (client provided) on the website
  3. Updating text content on the website (small changes)
  4. Phone number, email id change
  5. Address information change
  6. SMTP related issues

If the frequency is more than expected (1-2 times every six month) then we recommend you take a paid technical support plan.

Paid Technical Support

Free Technical Support or standard package covers only basic functions. In case of websites you can ask for a phone number or address change. Company also fixes all kinds of technical issues if the site stops working due to any reasons. For example you call once in a while to make some change in the website. There is no charge linked with it. But when you need this support on frequent bases then you need paid technical support. The paid support package completely depends on what you need. Support for ecommerce websites will be different from the cost of basic website design support. The cost of technical support also varies depending on your requirement. Normally these plans are customized.

There are standard support packages also available. But you can connect with our sales team to get a custom support package for yourself.

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