E Commerce Questions and Answers

Ecommerce website development is easy if you go the right way. We have collected some common e commerce questions and answers. Read all the details before you start an e commerce business. We are supporting customers for a long time and will try to address some common issues.

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Common E Commerce Questions and Answers

All these questions are important because starting online business is easy when you have correct information available.

Why create an ecommerce website?

First of all this question should come to your mind. A clear vision is always good so ask yourself this question whether your business has scope of online selling or not. Most businesses have capacity to sell online but many of them don’t.

For example if you are a doctor then there is very less scope that you can sell treatments online. Therefore an informative website is more than enough. You may add an appointment booking section if required. On the other hand if you are selling groceries then you must go forward and create one.

You may or may not generate lot of revenue but it is good for your brand’s visibility.

What is the purpose of making an ecommerce website?

Purpose of making ecommerce website is different to everyone. You may create an ecommerce website to fulfil these goals.

  • An ecommerce or shopping website can increase brand visibility.
  • When you create an online store there is fair chance that you can increase sales.
  • Payment collection is also easy via payment gateway.
  • A simple but effective objective can be showcasing product catalogue. You may or may not sell in this case.

How is an ecommerce website better than traditional commerce?

Ecommerce website development is better than traditional commerce because it helps you save money. This saves a lot of time. Especially, this helps when your customers want to check the range of products.

For example: you run a cloth store. People visit, check the range like different colour and price range. All of them do not buy but you have to spend time with all of them.

In case of ecommerce nobody visits the store. Customers select their own sweet time to check your products on your website and order whatever they like.

Payment processing is also very smooth.

Why Own Ecommerce Website is Better than Selling on Flipkart and Amazon?

Creating shopping site or e commerce website to sell products is a good idea. You can also sell on Flipkart or Amazon.com. These are two most famous ecommerce websites in India. But when you sell on these platforms you are promoting these companies. You also pay a fee or commission every time sales happen. Above all you also have to comply their shipping, return and other policies. In some cases these policies are strict. In other case when you decide to start online store under your brand you enjoy these benefits.

Selling via own ecommerce website gives you freedom to set your own rules.

You can set your own price and no need to pay heavy commissions of up to 20%. You can directly transfer this benefit to your customers.

All the promotion you do will be investment in your own brand.

Payment gateway companies directly transfer funds to your account.

What is the cost of making an ecommerce website?

The cost of making an ecommerce website depends on individual requirements. The key factors include technology (programming language), features, total no. of products and server. If you want a basic website then the budget will be lower. There is no fixed price but we have a standard ecommerce website price for the common user. We also cater to customized website development needs.

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