How to Get Business Email ID

Email communication is now the real medium of communication due to genuine reasons. Therefore, everyone these days has one or more email ids. When it comes to business, creating a business email is important. Before we get into the details of how to get a business email address, we should understand the basics. First of all let us start with the meaning of business email and then we will move on with other details.

How to get a business email address or business email id

What is a business email ID?

A business email id is an email that you create on your company’s (business) domain. For example you are running a company as ABC LLC and the domain name is The business email should be

Additionally, all other official emails will also look the same as this. For example:

How to get a business email address?

All out hosting plans come equipped with free email services. If you make a website with us then hosting comes as standard. Due to this you automatically get free business email. You can check the specific website development proposal to get more details.

Do I get free business mail with all website development plans?

Yes, we provide free business email ID with all the website development plans. Whether you are taking a basic website plan or want to start an online store. You can avail this option.

Why use a business mailbox?

First of all it is all about the image. Practically, free email ids also work fine. When you send an email to a customer, you write it professionally. Why not use a professional email id or a business email id? A business mailbox looks better and connected to the company. Therefore, the customers also believe that you are well organized.

Why is an email id on a business domain essential for business?

Getting an email id on a business domain connects well with the clients. It is also part of the company’s branding strategy. You will not see any big corporation using a Gmail id for business communication. When you are using a Gmail id or any other free mail service, you save money. On the other hand the cost of a business email ID is not very high. In our case we do not even charge you anything extra for creating business emails initially. Therefore, it is always better to start a business with a professional email address.