Hybrid mobile app vs Native mobile app comparison

Hybrid mobile application and native mobile application both work well. Therefore type mobile application development is situation based. The world is on mobile in present times. Due to this creating a mobile application makes sense. There are two famous terms in the mobile app development world. First of all people talk about native mobile applications and the second one is hybrid mobile application. But this is limited to the mobile app development companies. Very few people are aware about the difference between native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps. This is because very few people understand technology. Customers are only concerned about the overall experience of using a mobile application. Therefore, it is about an individual’s requirement. In this article we will understand the difference between hybrid app vs native app development.

Hybrid mobile app vs Native mobile app

Difference between hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app

If you compare hybrid mobile app vs native mobile app there are many differences. The most common difference lies in making a mobile application. You can make hybrid mobile applications in no time. On the other hand, making native mobile application takes more time and resources. Before we go further, let us understand the primary difference. Later, we will talk about the cost of mobile app development and other factors.

What is a Native Application

A native mobile application is associated with a mobile operating system. There is an ecosystem of designing native mobile applications. These applications are large in size. hybrid mobile apps are lightweight. When you compare with hybrid mobile applications, native apps offer great flexibility. At least when we compare them with hybrid versions of an application. There is a proper mobile app development life cycle and application architecture. The database is also saved in the mobile phone. In many cases a native app also works fine without the internet.

These applications may or may not have connection with a specific website. The cost of mobile application development is high as compared to hybrid.

What is a Hybrid Application

A hybrid mobile app works the same as a regular application. However this is different from the standard application. First of all the main difference between a hybrid and native is the environment. It is just an icon which uses data from a website. While making a website you can also request the website development company to create a hybrid app.
The code is small and the cost of app development is also low. For example you are making an ecommerce website and want a mobile application. All you need is a responsive web design. Android app developers or iPhone app developers can easily use this. Responsive design makes it compatible with screen sizes of various devices including phones. Due to this you can easily get a hybrid application. A hybrid mobile application is best when you have budget issues.