Lead generation form in the website

Lead generation form is an important section of every website. Starting from a basic website design to ecommerce website development, we see these forms. Therefore let us dive into the details and understand inquiry form better to make their best use. In the coming text we will try to understand about the lead generation process, structure of inquiry forms and core objectives.

What is Lead Generation Form

Website development objectives are different for every company or individual. Some make it for business growth and some to share information with their potential customers. Therefore we cannot count them as one. But in most cases one thing remains firm. Connecting with visitors. You may be running a blog or an ecommerce website. Your getting inquiries via the website is important. Everyone wants to receive inquiries (may be in different forms). This inquiry form is called lead generation form.

lead generation form, inquiry form

Structure of inquiry form

The inquiry form consists of 2 different parts. Customer Input and “Submit” button. Customers input asks customers to share their personal information and inquiry. “Submit” button allows the customer to send the inquiry. However, different websites perform different actions on the submit button. Objective remains the same but actions may be different. For example, one website may send an automated email about confirmation and others may not.

The smallest inquiry form has 3-4 fields including name, email, phone & comments. At the end you may keep the “Submit” button. The text on the button may also be different. You can keep it as Send mail, Save details etc. This completely depends on real time requirements.

Ecommerce lead generation

From basic website development to ecommerce website design this form is important. Therefore, you must add one to while creating an online store also. Ecommerce websites normally use bulk order form which works as ecommerce lead generation form. Due to this they are able to close bigger deals. Many websites also use product inquiry forms to raise inquiries related to specific products or services.

Standard Inquiry Form

A standard inquiry form suits most websites. This is also the most common form used across the web. Here is a list of fields common in most websites.

  1. Name
  2. Contact / Phone Number
  3. Email ID
  4. Comments / Notes / Inquiry
  5. Best time to connect
  6. Objective for creating lead generation form

Objective for creating lead generation form

There can be many objectives. This depends on the nature of work the company or individual is doing. Therefore, we have selected the most common objectives of creating an inquiry form.

  • First of all it works as a mode of communication. In many cases companies use this as the primary mode of communication. Their customers submit inquiry forms and they revert later.
  • We can use this for generating sales inquiries.
  • Use of inquiry forms for receiving feedback or complaints.
  • Questionnaire or collecting information about a subject.

Tips on Making Inquiry Form

We have collected some of the most common things you should think about. Read before making the contact form or inquiry form.

  • First of all be sure of the requirements. If the requirement is clear then you will be able to collect accurate information.
  • Next thing is keeping it simple and minimizing the fields. People have less time to spend on your website so keep it as simple as possible. A simple form can increase lead generation chances. Avoid taking information that is not important. For example, nobody would like to provide date of birth information for a general sales inquiry for grocery.
  • Always send confirmation email that you received their details and will revert soon. This creates a positive impression among users. This is also helpful when you are providing any kind of support via this form. This gives a message that you are listing to queries or complaints.

Whether you are looking for a school website proposal or ecommerce website design, inquiry forms are important. Therefore, make sure you use lead generation forms wisely to increase revenue in business. This revenue may or may not be monitory. As mentioned already, different websites have different objectives.