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Our College Website Development plans are fully featured. We have been serving the education industry since 2012. Due to this we have the ability to understand school college website requirements. Developing a college website is very important because it is the first impression for parents. Our college website developers have expertise to create college websites in limited time.

Mobile Ready
12 - 15 Pages
College Specific Pages
Free Domain (if required)
Hosting Included
Student Inquiry Form
Profile Page
Courses Offered
Fee Structure
Student Facilities
Affiliation / Certification
Image Gallery
Contact Info
Technical Support
Delivery in 7 - 8 Days
5 Star Rated Company

Our College Website Development plans are fully featured and offer great value. We are serving education industry since 2012. We have also served more than 70 industries including education. Due to this we have ability to understand school college website requirements. Developing a college website is very important because it is the first impression for parents. Our college website developers have expertise to create college website in limited time. Therefore, you get an amazing college website design template.

Why is this the best College Website Development

First of all we create all our proposals with a lot of research. We understand the nature of work, requirements and sometimes the challenges. Due to this we get a clear view of the need. The second and most important reason is transparency. We are one unique store that believes in fixed price and standard proposal. Due to this college website design cost remains the same for all customers.

You get many additional benefits when you get college web development services from us. These benefits make your web development package worth buying. We offer hassle-free customer experience due to our long association with institutes.

Similarities between College & School Website Proposal

Both, college website design and school website proposal includes a long list of features. Some of the common things include free domain and hosting services, content writing services, student inquiry, fee structure and technical support.

Domain & Hosting

Domain and Hosting comes as standard with this website development plan. We also provide email services to make this a perfect deal.

Domain Booking
First of all, domain is the primary requirement. We suggest a good domain name for college based on the name. We also take care of the domain booking with this website development plan. If you already have a domain we can use this for hosting your website.
Website Hosting
Hosting is mandatory for any college website development plan. We provide enough space for college website hosting. Due to this customers do not need to buy any additional hosting space for college websites. We can also increase hosting space whenever needed. Colleges are free to upgrade or downgrade the plans depending on their requirement.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

College Website Design Feature List

We provide a long list of features with our college website design packages. You can also buy advanced website development plans if you want more features.

Mobile Ready
We use responsive web design technology for all our website development services. Above all, we make sure that college website design is good and works on multiple devices. We test it on different screen sizes to ensure it is mobile ready from the first day.
Modern Design
When it comes to our college website developers will create a modern college website template for you. We understand that the parents and students both access the website before visiting the campus. Therefore, we use modern technology for better experience. We work on modern website design techniques. Additionally you can also upgrade this in future.
Content Editing
We also provide content editing services with college website development services. Due to this your website gets accurate and presentable information.
Image Gallery
Image gallery is to showcase important pictures. This may include pictures from your recent events or award ceremonies.

College Specific Sections

College specific sections cover details that are normally different from every college. We take input from you before making a website for college.

Courses Information
We create individual and detailed course information pages. Therefore students get complete information about a course at a single place.
Fee Structure
Fee structure of all colleges varies depending on the course and quality of education. In some places it is mandatory to show the fee structure on the college website. Therefore we have also kept it as part of our website design for college.
Student Facilities
While designing a college website we also add student facilities. The objective is to inform parents about college highlights. Things that make the college stand out from the crowd are part of this section. From library facility to transport service, we recommend you mention everything possible.
College Specific
We also provide college school specific pages in the college website development plan. Starting from school history to core values, everything comes under section. For example, the “Director’s Message” page is published on the website.
Affiliation / Certificates
College affiliation certificates will help in building trust among parents. These documents prove the authenticity of the college. By Keeping this information in the public domain then you give a clear message of being transparent.
Student Inquiries
Student inquiries are a way to increase admission in college. The website is equipped to receive course inquiries online. These details are sent to your registered email Id. Later on you can follow up and convert them to admission.

Website Design Proposal Value Adds

You get additional benefits like technical support with this Website Design Proposal. Therefore, you do not have to buy an additional package for website support.

value added services
Facebook Page
We create a facebook page under this college website proposal. We also take care of initial banners and post. After completion and final delivery of the project we transfer the rights to you.
Social Connect
We link your website with all your social media accounts. Generally these accounts include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Our college website development packages come with free training. The objective is to ensure smooth running of the website. Most of them are in video format for easy understanding. In case of any trouble our college website developers and support staff will help you.
Tech Support
Tech support for websites is available throughout the year. We make sure your website is working 24 Hrs a day without downtime. In exceptions we are always available for you.

These benefits not only make your web development package worth buying but also more meaningful. Additionally, Our college website developers make sure that your website looks amazing. Other than this package, you can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.


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