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If you are a politician or want to be one, first of all create a digital profile. This will help your career growth. Creating a digital profile will help you connect with millions of followers. We create politician websites to ensure the right information reaches your audiences.

Mobile Ready
All Standard Pages
Party Specific Design (with symbol and banners)
Free Domain (if required)
Hosting Included
Facebook Page
Political History (if applicable)
Blog Section
Technical Support
10-12 Days Delivery
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Politician website design package is good for all existing and aspiring politicians. If you want to connect with more people at one time then create a website for a politician. Meeting 100’s of people at the same time is not possible. When you have a socially connected website, you can share the information easily. We claim this because we are an experienced website development company. We understand customer requirements better than anyone else. When it comes to politician website development plans we focus on your achievements. Your achievements and vision for the future can impact your career in a big way. As a politician, image is everything and with a website you can present a clear picture. Therefore, as a politician you must create a website to connect with followers.

Important Aspects of a Politician Website Design

First of all our Politician Website Design package comes equipped with domain and hosting. This is also a primary requirement when you want to make a website for political campaign or an individual. We focus on creating an informative website structure and publish achievements. Due to this your audience gets a clear picture of your personality.

Domain & Hosting Services

Domain Booking
In most cases the domain name is on an individual name. We search for a list of available domains and share with you. In case you already have a domain name, we can host the website on your domain. We do not have any extra charges for domain booking so you can remain stress free about this. You can select the one from the list we share.
Website Hosting
We provide space on the server as part of website design services. Due to this you do not have to buy it separately. This web space is sufficient to ensure smooth running of the website.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from the official ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

Political Website Design Inclusions

You get all standard features of a regular website in a political website design also. Starting from selecting a good domain name to the hosting plan we provide everything.

Mobile Ready
We use responsive web design technology for all our website development services. Due to this your website works perfectly on mobile phones of different screen sizes. Additionally we use a politician website template that also looks modern.
Modern Design
We work on modern website design techniques. Due to this you get the latest technology. We use politician website templates You can also upgrade website plans or designs in future without any hassle.
People want to know about your achievements. As a politician you will have to contest elections on regular bases. You can keep building the reputation by regularly showcasing the achievements.
Social Profile
Your website can have all the details of your social profile. The idea is to make sure correct information reaches your audience. We create a decent politician website design template for you.
Political History
Political history is more about your political career and associations. For example you switch from one party to another, you can mention the reasons. This may or may not be an ideology related issue and keeping it in public domain reflects your transparent image.
Image Gallery
Image gallery is an important part of the website for politicians. In the politician website design package we add images of your recent activities and public appearances. You can add or delete images later depending on your requirement.
value added services

Web Design Proposal Value Adds

When you hire softrock for the Political Website Design you also get value added services. These services are very effective in making best use of the website.

Blogging Website
We also create a blog on your website. As a blogging website your political web design template has more power. You can keep publishing information depending on events.
Facebook Page
We create a facebook page for you. Creating a facebook page is quick and easy. But we take care of banner design which makes it meaningful. After successful delivery of the website, we transfer the page rights to you.
Training is an important part of any politician website design package. We share video tutorials about operating the website. Along with this we also have meaningful information in the public domain. You can read our blog section and get all the details.
Tech Support
Tech support is available throughout the year. We work to ensure your website is working 24 Hrs a day. In exceptions or any kind of technical issues we are always available for you.

You can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.


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New and Existing Politicians looking forward to create personal portfolio website

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Almost everything. Domain + Hosting + Website


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