Payment Gateway Questions

Payment gateway is one of the fastest ways to accept money from customers. There are many payment gateway companies available in the market. But before you start, you should read the basics. This works as a bridge between your website and bank account. First of all, payment gateway companies collect the money from the customers. After deducting their commission, they transfer the remaining amount to your bank account. Here is a list of some important things related to ecommerce website development.

Do enough research before you start installing a payment gateway in a website. The responsibility of the website development company because of financial transactions. From searching the right gateway company to secure code, everything is important. Read this article to understand it a little better.

Payment Gateway Integration

First of all we suggest a good brand for your business. We also take care of the payment gateway integration in the website. Additionally, we also help you complete the registration process. Due to this you get a fully functional website. Additionally, we also help you complete the registration process. Due to this you get a fully functional website.

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Payment Gateway Training

Training is important to manage payments. Due to this we provide video tutorials. We also provide remote training (on demand) to operate the portal. Therefore you will be able to manage everything smoothly.

Payment Gateway Companies

We provide you the option to select from multiple companies. Due to this, we recommend the one with the maximum options. This also depends on the development platform suitability check. You can also write an email to us for more information. Our objective is to ensure you get the best gateway company for the website.

Frequently asked Questions

E Commerce is a vast subject. When you want to start an online store, there are many things in mind. To make things easy we have analyzed a few things for you. Here is a list of common questions about ecommerce website development and payment gateway.

How much time is needed for approval?

Normally, the approval comes in 2-3 days. However, the time may be different for every company. Therefore, we normally consider 1 week to complete the process.

Do I need to send documents manually?

Companies like razorpay have online document submission procedures. Some payment gateway companies like CCAvenue ask you to courier the documents. Therefore, you need to check before you make a final decision.

What is transaction charge?

Transaction charge is the primary income source of gateway companies. Whenever someone makes a purchase on your website they charge you a certain percentage. This percentage or cut from the total amount is transaction charge. The Remaining account gets transferred to your bank account.

What are standard payment gateway transaction charges?

Standard transaction charges vary company to company. They can charge anywhere between 1.25 to 3%.

Is there a renewal charge?

This completely depends on the company you select. Some companies charge a minimum amount as annual maintenance charges. On the other hand some companies only charge you when a transaction happens on the website.

How secure is online payment from the website.

Normally, the payment does not happen on your website. It happens on the bank’s website or gateway site. Payment gateway software simply redirects your customer to the payment portal.



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