Reasons for Delay in Project Delivery

There are many reasons for delay in project delivery. This is an unlikely situation. No company or client wants to see delay in software delivery. There are financial interests and the company’s image is at stake. Due to which no company wants to delay the project knowingly. Above all, customers who invest time and money will always wish to get projects on time. There are reasons like late payments by customers and pending approvals. Here is a list of most common reasons for project delay.

Delay in Project Delivery due to Information

Information is the most important fuel for any project or website. Delay in information direct impacts project deadline. Sometimes it is not intentional so we give the benefit to clients. There is also no penalty due to unintentional delay in information.

Reasons for Delay in Project Delivery

Late Payments by Customers by Customers

Starting from a basic website design plan to rwa software, financials are important. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure payments are on time. In many cases (especially in large projects) we accept partial payments. Therefore, we work with milestones. You may develop a website or buy customized software, timely payments are important. We send email for payment after achieving the milestone. As a customer, if you respect the work structure, your projects deliveries are mostly on time. Late payments by customers are directly linked with delay in project delivery.

Pending Approvals cause Delay in Project Delivery

We send communication to customers at various milestones of the development process. We expect timely approval from the client. If these approvals come late the entire process halts and the extra time pushes the milestone. These approval may or may not be related to website design or software user interface.

Communication Gap

Communication gap also plays a vital role in project deliveries. Whenever you hire a company make sure accurate information is transferred. We understand that customers are also not sure in the early stage. But with little research and clear discussion on the requirement can solve this issue. When the requirement is clear, it is easy to get accurate results. In this case you also get a chance to ensure there is no gap in understanding. Due to this you reduce chances of delay in project delivery.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are unexpected but they impact delivery time. Whenever there is sometime new it takes time in research. We inform the customer in advance about required time which may be later than final delivery time.

We recommend clients to get in touch with the team and discuss. If your project falls into any of these categories you should resolve it.

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