Refund Policy

Read this page to understand Refund Policy at Softrock Technologies Private Limited. All software, website packages and hosting services on this website come with advance payment plan. We have 48 Hours refund policy for our hosting services.

How Refund Policy Works

Customers should place their request within 48 hours. This means, 48 hours from placing the order. In case of website services we offer 24 hours refund option in case of incorrect order placed. This condition is applicable before the order gets into processing. You get confirmation from us about order processing. If customers fail to make refund request within 24 hours, there is no refund. Because the products and services are digital in nature.

In case of some software applications we allow direct download link due to this we do not consider any refund request. For downloadable products, there is no refund. We recommend you check all the details, description and pricing details before placing the order. This also applies on orders by mistake. Because in most cases our system automatically delivers the product to your email address. However, you can claim to re-download the product. In this case we request customers to read the product information and instructions carefully before making a purchase on this website.

You can request refunds only in case of software applications (non-downloadable). Because it takes some time for delivery. Before this happens, you can send and email to us for order cancellation. We will review and cancel the order. We may deduct processing charges depending on product. After processing the order we send communication to customer. You can only claim product in case of any technical error. If you do not receive communication in mentioned delivery time, please write and email to us. Normally the processing fee is 25% of total product cost. This applies to maximum order cancellations.

Refund is not processed if the customer placed an order for an incorrect order and the product delivery is initiated or the order is processed.