Terms of Service

All customers, visitors of www.softrockindia.com automatically get into a contract with Softrock Technologies to view and use content available on our website or at the time of making a buying decision on our website. You are recommended to read all terms and conditions carefully. For any query or support requirements you can write us at connect@softrockindia.com


All text content, product information available on this website is the property of Softrock Technologies. We allow free readable information about products and services and allow them to use it as per the product licenses purchased from our website. All the content available on this website, products sold and every other service must be used for ethical purposes only and any illegal use or any practice, behavior will be considered a breach of contract. Once the contract is not available, we do not provide any service, assistance or support.


Most of the products displayed on this website are originally developed by our team and we hold full right to sell, resell them depending on our current business requirement or customer demand. All re-developments and modifications must be done by our team only. All software downloaded from this website must be used as per license purchased. For example “Basic” package can only be used by a single company and on a single installation.

Redistribution of software without Softrock Technologies content will be considered as a breach of contract and the company has full right to take legal action against the defaulter.


All prices mentioned on this website are subject to change with our without prior information to customers or stakeholders associated with Softrock Technologies. However in case of existing customers price revisions are not very frequent. If there is a big change we also inform the customers in advance. While increasing the prices we always consider customer interest among top priorities.


In case you are looking for something unique that is not available in the list you can always write to us and receive a detailed quotation. Just send in your complete contact information along with the requirement and we will get back to you with a possible solution. Feel free to write in case you need an existing package with little customization. We will be happy to serve you.


Softrock Technologies offers four main packages for most of its software applications (basic, advanced, premium and lifetime) and each one of them is different from each other. These packages are linked with software applications. For basic understanding about packages information is available in the following lines but they are subject to change depending on current market requirements.requirements.


Basic package is designed for those people looking for instant solutions for their business requirements and have a limited number of users. This is the easiest of them to set up because the client only makes the purchase and rest all is done by our team. It’s hosted on a common platform where customers do not have to buy a domain or hosting service.


Most of the components match with basic apart from the number of users. This one has slightly more number of users and more features.


Premium packages come with all the features and in most cases an unlimited number of users. In case of premium application is individual hosting is given as an option and if required software downloading is also permitted.


In case of lifetime subscription software / application is provided with validity of 100 years or in some cases with absolutely no expiry date.


Website packages come in standard form. We love to be specific and accurate. Most of the services and inclusions are listed on the website. If something is not mentioned in the product description it means this is not part of the package. In case of any doubt users can connect with us via email or online query. We will ensure your inquiry is answered.


ECommerce packages also come with standard inclusions. Same as other website packages read the product description. Everything included is mentioned on our website.


Renewal charges are applied on software applications or services that have limited access. For example you are buying software with validity of 1 year. An existing customer is an asset to the company. Our existing customers also work as our brand ambassadors because a happy client brings more business. Directly or indirectly, a lot of business comes via references of existing customers. Due to this we want renewals to happen on time. You will receive a renewal request in your email (or phone or both) well before the renewal date to ensure continued services. The reminders are sent multiple times to ensure they are not missed. If the account is not renewed on or before the due date services may discontinue.

Renewal FAQ

What if I do not renew on time?

Many customers do not wish to continue due to various reasons. We respect their view because many times businesses are closed or there are other factors. The service will expire if you do not renew on time. We also send communication related to this.

What if I renew after the due date?

Every service comes with a different set of rules. For example, your domain expires because you fail to renew on time. This goes into the deletion process. After deletion it comes to the open market where anyone can book it. In case of a backorder, you may lose it completely. So we recommend that you renew all the services on time.

What if my services are expired but I want to move them to another service provider?

It is unfortunate but there is absolutely nothing wrong with moving to another service provider. It is a choice of customer but for this your account needs to be active. You have to renew the service to shift them. In the few cases where your domain is active, we provide migration services at genuine cost. In this case we also assist you in moving to the required service provider.


In case of lifetime services there are no annual or monthly renewals paid by customers. We do not put any restrictions from our end. We deliver a working application or host it on the server. For more information on this one you can write us on email provided in the first paragraph of the terms page.


We also sell software applications via vendors. Anyone associated with us a reseller is entitled to re-sell our products and services. This does not change our relationship with customers. We try our level best to make sure that the vendors also adhere to policies and standard practices. The prices remain the same for the end customer and any re-seller or vendor is not allowed to sell products at an increased price.


Downloadable products are generally sold in multiple ways. The most common method is Email download where a customer makes a purchase and received an order confirmation email. Order customer is followed by an email with download link or may be as attachment in some cases. Customers can just click the link and download the software.

Second method is page download where customer is redirected to a download page after payment confirmation page. In case a customer misses this download by any reason he / she can write to us and get the download link again in the form of an email.


Download generally has software copy, instruction manuals for installation and usage and database backup (if applicable).


Contract is an agreement between two parties to ensure smooth services. A contract clearly defines roles and responsibilities of individuals and companies. We use these contract terms with our customers.

Standard Contracts (Automatic)

Standard contracts are service agreement with customers with 1-2 products or services where time involved in development and delivery is less. There is no separate document required because all terms and conditions are available in public domain on our website. Customers can read these terms before making a purchase with us. In case of no contract available these terms will apply.
In case of any other contract agreement terms mentioned in that document will over shadow these standard terms.

Service Contract

Service contracts can be created for any service including web service, SEO services, Digital Marketing etc. Other than standard terms the document includes service related terms (like features & benefits) expiry / renewal date of contract, payment terms, milestones etc. These are generally long term contracts.

Development Contract

Development contracts are linked with application development. We work on web based applications, ERP etc under these contracts. Details like features, delivery time, milestones, payment terms and cancellation terms mentioned in these contracts. There are penalties in case of breach of contract.

Contract FAQ

What if I break the contract?
We always want customers to comply with contract terms because we also do the same. In case of customers breaking the contract, Softrock retains full rights to halt the services. Our objective is not to harass customers but it is our responsibility to save our interests and business too. Depending on the severity of the situation we also take legal action. However, as a responsible company we send proper communication to customers in order to resolve conflict (if applicable) to avoid legal hassle.

What if I want to cancel on mutual agreement?

There can be many reasons you wish to cancel the contract mid way. You can discuss the issue via written communication. There are fair chances that your concern will be addressed. If your issue is genuine we will try to help you and resolve it. In case of an unresolved issue, we recommend possible ways to cancel the contract on happy terms considering future opportunities of working together.

Use of Images

We always promote use of original images. We search across search engines and find images that can be used without any copyright violations. All the images we use remain the property of their respective owners irrespective of the situation where they have gained copyrights or not.

However many times customers ask us to use specific images. Since these websites are owned by customers, we cannot limit them from using any picture or content. However in case of a complaint we may ask them to remove the copyright content from their websites. Additionally, we also keep the right of removing any image or content from any of the websites hosted on our servers to protect copyright of the owners. If we receive complaints about this kind of act we are free to remove the disputed content without consulting the customers. Here is a list of standard questions customers ask us.

Can I (customer) provide my own images?

Sure, we always prefer client provided images. If a client is unable to provide pictures, we use generic images. Especially in the case of e-commerce website development, product pictures must come from the client.

Can we use images from Google?

Sure we can use images from Google but it is better if you provide your own images. Google or any other search engine displays images from the world. Many of these images have copyrights. The ownership rights belong to the creator. Use of copyright images It is completely a client responsibility.

Are there free images available?

Yes there are many websites providing non copyrighted images. We can use them on your website. We may use them in the banners and in place of other related images.