Website Development Proposal Myths vs Reality

The idea of a transparent website development proposal is very simple. We provide an informative web designing proposal to customers. We tell clients exactly what they are getting. The objective is to make sure our customers get most value. Website designing sector is very competitive. The cost of website designing changes with change in company. In many cases it changes with customers. To refine it further, pricing of one product is different for different customers.

Are you surprised by this? If yes then we will try to explain how the system works in the following text. Most companies never talk about hidden charges. There are fake or most of the times un-realistic commitments by sales executives. All the claims are in the form of verbal communications. Nothing is available in the website development proposals. When customers call other companies to cross check, the story is completely different. Therefore, this becomes very confusing for customers. As a result they make wrong decisions and they realize it very late.

Hidden charges in web designing

Hidden charges of web designing are normally linked with the development. They are not part of the website development proposal. Most of the time customers are not sure about their real need. All they want is a good looking professional website. Sales executives use this as a tool to generate more revenue. Website developers create it based on their understanding and past experience. Customers may or may not like it. Sometimes during the website development lifecycle customers also make some suggestions. If the changes are many, the cost of developing a website may go up.

At this time hidden charges come in picture. Companies charge an additional amount to incorporate these suggestions. Sometimes cost of domain purchase is also not added in the proposal or it is mentioned with limitations. These charges are later added to the final cost. Due to this customers feel cheated. This also reduces their trust quotient on good companies. Therefore, we recommend you should check the website development proposal carefully.

In countries like India where customers are not very much tech savvy. Their initial impression with website development companies is bad.

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Factors causing increasing website development cost

There are many reasons for increasing website development costs in existing proposals. Some of them are genuine reasons. Due to this we cannot say that all companies are the same. Read the following points to understand this better.

  • Sales executive does not take accurate information from the customer.
  • Customer is not sure about the requirement.
  • There are more than expected changes in a project.
  • Customer looking for additional features. If these features are not listed in the website development proposal, price will increase.

What is a good website development proposal

A good website development proposal is the one with maximum details. For example if a company mentions the total cost of making a website in their proposal. But it does talk about domain and hosting (these are mandatory services to run a website). In this case there is a chance that the cost of hosting service is not included. As a customer you will get to know it only at the time of website launch if you are not technically sound. Therefore, you should clear the requirement before accepting a web designing proposal.

What is transparent website development proposal

At Softrock we believe it is our responsibility to share correct information. Not only correct information, we also share knowledge with the proposal. This makes customers aware of a few technical things. This also helps them understand the website development proposal better. We include maximum possible information. Due to this we are able to form long term business relationships with them.

A happy customer is an asset to our company as they help us get more work. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in doing our job in the best possible way.

Softrock website proposals

We are serving customers since 2011. During this phase we have learned a lot about customer requirements. Therefore Softrock’s website development proposals include a lot of information. Almost every web designing proposal is generic. Due to this it is useful for multiple requirements. For example any business can use our basic website development plan. We share details about what you will receive at the time of delivery. Additionally, we also focus on knowledge sharing.

We create detailed information about our web design services and inclusions. If you are looking for a website proposal for school or a website proposal for a hotel or may be an ecommerce website design plan. The details will leave you amazed. Since all details are available in the public domain, you are safe from fraud. We believe in doing ethical business and you can identify this from our product catalog.