Website FAQ or website questions and answers

Website FAQ or frequently asked questions about website development comprise list of inquiries we receive on regular bases. Every customer is unique and their requirement also varies. Due to this they have multiple inquiries in their mind. With every website design plan these questions change.

Common Website FAQ or website questions and answers

Here is a list of common website FAQ or website questions and answers that we addressed recently. In case you are unable to find what you need, please feel free to get in touch with our executives. Starting from the basic web design plan to corporate web design packages we have included everything in this list.

Domain & Hosting

I already have a domain can you host my website on this?
Sure we can do it. It does not matter from where you bought the domain. Therefore, if you have the domain login ID and password we can do it. All you need to do is change the name server. In case you want, we can also do this for you.
How can I purchase my own domain?
We book the domain your behalf. Additionally, we also book the domain on your name. Therefore, it is same as purchasing the domain by you. In case you need, we can share domain credentials so you can have full control over your domain. If you still want to make this transaction on your own, you can surely do this.
How many emails I will get as standard package?
Most our website packages come with two email Ids as standard.


What is the actual cost of website development?
The actual cost of website development is dependent on the product you select. It is directly associated with the number of working hours. The cost also depends on customer requirements. For example in case of a basic website development plan the development cost is only 50% of the total cost you pay. Rest of the amount is spent for purchasing domain and hosting services.
What about development charges? Do I have to pay again or this is one time investment.
We only charge development charge only once. Small websites generally do not require frequent changes. In case there are small changes or corrections like phone number updates, email change etc. we do not bill them. This is part of support services.

Technology Website FAQ

What is the technology to make websites and other products?
We use multiple technologies depending on customer requirement. This is also one of the most common website FAQ. Let’s understand this one by one. WordPress websites are very common because it is cost effective and users can get more for less money. Next we use ASP.NET MVC for customized websites. For high-end websites and ERPs we also use Angular and associated technologies.
What is best technology for ecommerce websites?
There is no best technology for ecommerce websites. Use of technology depends on your requirement and budget. For example: you have limited budget and still you want fully functional ecommerce website. The best solution is to go with WooCommerce websites. Performance of WooCommerce websites is good and you get decent list of features. Additionally, you can also try Magento.

On the other hand if you want customized websites then WooCommerce is not a recommended solution. You should go with MVC Core or AngularJs websites because they can handle large data. With this you have to increase the budget by good margin. You can also check out e commerce questions and answers section for more details.


How do you collect information from customers?
We do it multiple ways. First of all we have dedicated forms to take information about your business or profession. Starting from design related information to content, we take a lot of information using these forms. The process is very simple and forms are easy to read. We also accept email communication. You can also send documents as email attachment (if applicable).
What if I want some changes in the website after delivery?
Sure, we entertain changes in the website. We keep the product under review for 10 days from the date of completion. If you need to change any information on the website feel free to write back. Additionally, if there is still anything left we consider 1-2 changes anytime during the entire support period of one year.
Is there any additional cost for changes?
We do not invoice customers for small information changes. Even if there are changes in text content there are no charges. In case you want some design changes then we may or may not charge depending on the amount of changes and required time.

Use of Images

Can I provide my own images?
Sure, we always prefer client provided images. If a client is unable to provide pictures, we use generic images. Especially in the case of e-commerce website development, product pictures must come from the client.
Can we use images from Google?
Sure we can use images from Google but it is better if you provide your own images. Google or any other search engine displays images from the world. Many of these images have copyrights. The ownership rights belong to the creator. Use of copyright images It is completely a client responsibility.
Are there free images available?
Yes there are many websites providing non copyrighted images. We can use them on your website. We may use them in the banners and in place of other related images.

Project Delivery

Can I get an early delivery?
The best way to get early delivery to provide information as soon as possible. Our objective is always to ensure customers are happy with delivery time. If we have accurate information on time, final delivery can be much before the mentioned timeline.
Why is there a delay in the delivery?
This is one of the most common website faq. There are many factors which affect project delivery times. Most of the time it is the information from customers. There is a chance that you need some time to collect information. We allow you this time. In few cases where projects are on hold due to delayed payments. You can read more about it in our article on delay in project delivery.

Renewal Related Website FAQ

Do I have to pay anything for renewal?
Yes, website services are renewable. You must renew at least domain and hosting services every year to keep the site active.

You may also need to pay annual maintenance charges depending on the plan you choose.

How will I renew the website?
We will send you notification about renewal. We send this information in advance so the services can be renewed before time. Generally there is also a payment link in the email which you can use to renew the service.
What if I forget to check renewal email?
We also send notification on your registered mobile numbers to ensure you do not miss on this. In selected case, our executive may call and inform about the renewal.
Are there any maintenance charges?
Most of our packages come with 1 year standard support at no extra cost. You only pay maintenance charges from next year onwards.

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