What is correct ecommerce website price in India?

When we talk about the correct ecommerce website price in India then we need to think about many factors. Read this if you want a good ecommerce website plan to ensure the right decision.

Standard ecommerce website price in India

There is no standard ecommerce website price in India. Different companies or freelancers offer different pricing. The range is so wide that anyone can get confused. Due to this some end up making wrong decisions.

Ecommerce website price in india

Who decides ecommerce site cost?

First of all, every customer has a budget. You may or may not counter this but after spending years in the software industry we realized that customers always have an estimated budget in mind. Most of them are also ready to flex their budgets 10-15% up or down.

Now in some cases the requirement is also not clear at first hand. Actual cost can be calculated based on customer requirement.

How to calculate cost of project?

The process to calculate ecommerce website cost is very simple. There are many factors affecting the ecommerce website price. In general the ecommerce or software development cost estimation everything is calculated based on time and resources. Resources are manpower and time is their cost to the company. Understand with the example below.

RequirementEcommerce Website
Estimated Time1 Month
Designer / Developers Needed (Resource)2
Cost to Company45,000 per resource
Total Cost90, 0000

You can further divide this cost into per week of per day cost. Most companies also consider adding 15 to 30% profit margin in the actual cost. This margin works as buffer cost in case project cost is increased. Due to this they reduce risk of getting loss in a project. Because in the IT sector time is money. With the above example: One day of extra cost will add 3000 to the company’s total cost.

Why the ecommerce website price of two companies is different for same service

Simple reason due to which the ecommerce website cost of two companies is different for the same service is operating cost. Different companies operate under different working environment and conditions. They also pay different amounts in salaries, rentals, security and other fixed and variable assets. Therefore cost per employee is different. A company operating from a corporate office can never match the pricing of a freelancer sitting at home. Because there is very less cost involved.

Is it good idea to connect with freelancers?

It completely depends on your business requirement. If you have a short term project and want to manage on your own the ecommerce website price does not matter much. Freelancers can also help you save costs. Some freelancers also work full time and are really good. You just need to sign a website development contract with the freelancer. The objective is to make sure your ecommerce website price does not go up due to unwanted work.

In other cases if you have a long term goal and want to work with professionals then connect with companies. Additionally, companies are not dependent on one or two developers. You get multiple brains to discuss your requirements. Things are well organized and you can contact the company’s top authorities instead of individuals if something goes wrong. Support is also available for the long term.

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