Working with us

Happy Employees Deliver Sustainable Results

Happy employees with a vision deliver sustainable results. Due to this we are able to keep the customers satisfied. At Softrock Technologies provide good infrastructure and work environment to our employees. Our policies are employee friendly and the objective is to keep employees motivated about everything they do at work. Their passion keeps us growing and sustain the success.

Work Culture

We follow globally accepted standards in order to ensure they feel secure and happy. We are an employee centric company when it comes to work culture. Therefore we have strict policies are in place to ensure every individual feels equally important during his / her tenure with Softrock Technologies. We work as a team and expect every employee follow this rule.

Our employees are only identified by their work and performance numbers. Submit your application if you wish to recommend yourself as a deserving candidate for our future openings.

Business Hours

Most of our employees work 5 days a week irrespective of their shift timings. Without compromising on customer support, we ensure that most employees get favourable working schedule.

Continuous Improvement

We groom our employees and make them multi skilled using continuous improvement process. We encourage new innovations and take suggestions. We work to improve something everyday and keep on innovating due to research based approach.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is the most powerful tool career growth and excellence. We are good talent and groom it further to make them best performers. “Learning New Skills” is one of the most important parameters we look for in an employee. We motivate employees to keep adding new skills in their resume and become best in industry as fast as possible.

Due to this we not only provide amazing services to our customers but also achieve great satisfaction score.