Frequently Asked Questions

Read this information carefully to get all the questions answered. In case your questions are not in the list, fill contact form. We will make sure your queries are answered.

What is standard delivery time?
Standard delivery time is 7 business days (Monday – Friday) for most products. Please check product details to know exact working days.
What is late delivery scenario?
Late delivery scenario is when the product delivery date is missed. In most case this depends on customer. If we receive all information on time there is minimum chance of late deliver. Make sure you provide all information same day when we send communication to ensure on time delivery.
Who will provide information?
We take initial information about educational background, career achievements (if applicable) etc. from client. We convert this information to meaningful content for website.
Do I have to use a website builder to get a website?
No. You do not have to use any website builder to tool to create website because our team does this for you. You get a complete functional website as final product.
Do I pay additional money for hosting? Is there any hidden cost?
Most website packages come with free hosting and there is not hidden charge. You only pay for renewal after completion of one year.
Do I have to renew the website next year?
Yes, for all cloud based services and website we charge renewal fee.
How much is the renewal fee?
Annual renewal charges vary with each product. Please check our hosting and support packages for more information on this.
What happens if I do not renew?
If you do not renew, your services are automatically suspended. However we store your website and other important information for future renewal dates.
How long my data is safe if I do not renew services?
We keep your data safe for 3 Months time because we believe you have not missed the renewal intentionally. We send also you reminders about the same. In case you do not renew within 3 months your account goes for deletion.