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If you want to Start an Online Store for your business then you are at the right place. Our Small Business Ecommerce Website Development includes all standard features to make it work. From creating shopping cart for your customer to payment gateway installation for transactions, everything comes as standard. Above all there are no hidden charges.

Mobile Ready
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Categories
50 Free Entries
All Standard Pages
Discount Coupon Engine
Payment Gateway Integration
SEO Friendly Store
Front Page Banner Design
Go Live with - 50 Free Entries
Content Editing
eCommerce Specific Features
Admin Panel Access
Guest Checkout
Email Notifications
Free Domain (If required)
Hosting Included (If required)
Technical Support
7 - 10 Days Delivery
5 Star Rated Company

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You can start an online store in just 7 working days with all important features. We also have custom ecommerce Website Design packages. You can also call them Small Business Ecommerce Website Development packages. Due to our experience in the industry we understand the shopping website development requirements very well. Therefore our ecommerce website cost covers almost every feature required for starting an online store. If you are serious about starting an ecommerce website then we have the best offers available. You will be happy to create an ecommerce website with Softrock. We are an experienced ecommerce development company with transparent policies about quality and price. This is also one of the most common ecommerce website designing packages.

If you are just starting a business and need a professional ecommerce website with all key features with limited budget then this is the best choice for you. This plan to start an online store includes a mobile friendly ecommerce website package, content writing (standard) for all important pages like privacy policy, return policy and company profile.

This e commerce website package also comes with SEO friendly website design to make sure your website attracts maximum possible users.

How to Start Online Store in 7 Days

You get many additional benefits when you get ecommerce web development services from us. These benefits make your web development package worth buying. We offer hassle-free customer experience due to our long association with institutes.

At Softrock we do run misleading campaigns like “Create eCommerce Store” in a few seconds or “make an ecommerce website”. We do not believe in ecommerce website builders. We believe in our ecommerce website development professionals. Therefore we also deliver a fully functional e commerce store with products (upto 50 real products) in the first phase itself.
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Create Ecommerce Website & Get these Benefits

When you take services from us you also get many benefits like hosting without any extra cost. Therefore, a standard price covers everything to create an ecommerce website for your business.

Domain & Hosting for Online Store

Domain booking is very important while creating an ecommerce website. We also help you in choosing a good domain for the new ecommerce store. Other than this we also have hosting services and business email services.

Domain Booking For Ecommerce Website
We take care of the cost of domain booking for ecommerce websites. The objective is to make sure you start an online store conveniently. You can also use an existing domain in case a pre-booked domain is available.
Ecommerce Hosting Services
We provide ecommerce hosting space on the cloud server. All our website development packages make sure our customers are happy. This is also no different. Therefore, the web space is sufficient for hosting the ecommerce website. You can also request for a hosting space upgrade if needed.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

Ecommerce Website Design & Banners

Website design is an important factor in attracting visitors. Therefore, we give you a decent website design with business specific banner design.

Modern Design
When you start an online store we ensure you get the best. We work on modern website design techniques. Due to this you can upgrade websites in future without any hassle.
Business Specific Banners
We create business specific animated banner image sliders for your website. Due to this your customer gets a clear picture about the store.
Mobile Ready Website
We use responsive web design technology for all our website development services. Due to this your site works perfectly on all mobile phones.

ecommerce seo, seo for ecommerce website

SEO friendly ecommerce website & More

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for ecommerce is very important. SEO friendly ecommerce websites help in improving search ability.

Additionally, well organized content also enhances customer experience. Due to this we create SEO friendly product pages or URLs across the store. As a result the overall visibility and customer experience improves.

SEO Friendly Store
When you start an online store with Softrock there are many benefits. One of them is SEO friendly user interface and URLs. We create a seo friendly ecommerce website for you. Due to this visibility of the website improves. Additionally, the ecommerce website development services also cover listing the website in Google. Therefore, you may get better results and you can start promoting your website instantly.
eCommerce Store Management
eCommerce store management or product management is also a noteworthy feature. First of all, we offer perfect ecommerce web design pricing in the market. Additionally, you also get a fully featured ecommerce store. In this ecommerce website cost you get access to the admin panel. Due to this you can manage the products on your own after delivery. Starting from adding / deleting products to managing orders, it has everything you need.
Content Editing Services
Our ecommerce development services keep you free from a lot of writing. For ecommerce website packages we also provide free content editing services. This is for the company profile, terms of service, refund and privacy policies etc.
Customer Section
This is not like any other low cost ecommerce website design package. We deliver a fully functional ecommerce website even in the smallest plan. This shopping website development proposal also comes with a dedicated customer section. Customers can login and check their order status and manage profile information.

Financial features to start online store

One of the primary reasons for starting an ecommerce store is making money online. Therefore, accepting money online should be easy. This ecommerce website development plan has everything that you need.

The idea is to start an online store with full preparation.

payment gateway

Discount Coupon Engine
A discount coupon engine is important if you want to run a sales campaign. With our ecommerce solution you get flexibility to give offers to your customers. You can create discount coupons for every upcoming festival season. Additionally, you get full control over the coupon management system.
Guest Checkout
When you start an online store with Softrock, we also provide features that are not on your list. One of them is Guest Check out. Many customers do not want to share passwords. Guest Checkout allows customers to place an order without creating a login id on the website.
Payment Gateway
Payment gateway integration is a basic requirement when you start an online store. Therefore, we have no additional charges on payment gateway installation. We also assist you in correct documentation.
Order Confirmation
As soon as the customer makes the payment, the system automatically sends order confirmation. As a result you do not have to inform the customer that the order is placed. Additionally, there are other notifications also to improve customer experience.


Ecommerce Development Services Add-ons

This ecommerce website proposal provides all important ecommerce features. These benefits also give this ecommerce website development plan more meaning. As a result, you get a complete, functional and interactive ecommerce store. When you start an ecommerce store, you also have many questions in mind. This ecommerce proposal will answer all of them. Some of them include SEO friendly ecommerce stores and unlimited product entries.

Dashboard & Reports
Dashboard is an important section when you start an online store. When you create an ecommerce website with Softrock, you get amazing benefits. Sales Dashboard provides accurate information about new orders, orders in processing etc. You also get features like reports to check revenue in various date combinations.
SSL Certificate Included
Google is showing every website as “Not Secure” which does not have SSL. Our ecommerce website design cost also covers the cost of SSL certificate. You do not need to pay anything extra as an SSL certificate price. We are an ecommerce website development company that cares about customers. Due to this we keep on adding meaningful content in the customer interest section.
Product Entries
Ecommerce product listing services are also included. This makes this ecommerce website development proposal worth accepting. We do initial free entries to ensure the store has enough products to go live. We also make you independent via training and user manuals to ensure you save cost on maintenance services.
Multiple Product Images
Ecommerce product images are a great medium of increasing sales. You can add multiple images for products to show it from different angles. This feature is good where your customer wants to look at products from all sides.
You get instant notifications from your ecommerce website. Due to this you are always updated about orders and inquiries created from the website.

After Sales Support

We have been serving customers since 2011. Due to this we not only understand customers but also keep improving support. There are two ways we provide customer support.

Technical Support
Technical Support or website support is available throughout the year. We make sure your website is working 24 Hrs a day without downtime. In exceptions we are always available for you.
Customer Guide
We have enough information available on our blog to support customers. There are articles on many topics to solve the inquiries. From pre sales information to post sales, you can find a lot of information on the blog. You can simply search for an issue and get a solution. Additionally, you can also search about our products and services, pricing etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been serving customers for more than a decade now. Due to this, we have created this detailed proposal for you. You can still have a look at these questions that people often ask while making an ecommerce website. You can also look at our ecommerce manual for more information and the process of ecommerce website development.

How are Softrock ecommerce website development plans better than others?

First of all, we follow an open price policy. Due to this, all our proposals are available online. These proposals include the cost of ecommerce website development, domain and hosting. Additionally, we also add products to the ecommerce website. The idea is to make sure you go live with a fully organized website.

In addition, we actually develop an ecommerce website. Unlike others where many companies ask you to make an ecommerce website. However, they claim that the process is simple and easy to understand. But very few people have time to learn website development. Due to this they lose a lot of precious time and sometimes the motivation of running an ecommerce store.

What is the benefit of an open pricing policy?

If you search the internet you will find one interesting fact. No other website development company works with this level of clarity. In many situations, they offer different pricing for the same product or service. But at Softrock Technologies, you get open pricing available on the website itself. As a result, you can cross check the pricing. Apart from the festival seasons or some sales, pricing remains the same. Even in the case of festive season sales, the pricing remains the same for all customers.

These benefits make your web development package worth buying. This also makes more sense because you are getting it from Softrock. We are an experienced website design and development company. We are one of the most trusted ecommerce solution providers. From the long list of solutions you can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.




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