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RWA software is wonderful software for society management. This packs a long list of features to make life easy for RWA members. All the information will be available on your fingertips in a few clicks.

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Create Invoices (Unlimited)
Maintenance Collection
Pending Maintenance Tracker
Income Tracker
Parking Database
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Resident Login
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This Housing Society Management Software is an amazing software to manage RWA. Our software works fine on mobile phones of different screen sizes. Therefore it is a mobile friendly software application from day one. This RWA Management software is also one of the best RWA Software to manage housing society available in the market. All resident welfare associations need software to manage the resident database. An organized society resident management system helps you save time and resources. With this application you can manage society on mobile phones including day to day operations.

Domain & Hosting

Domain Booking
First of all, domain is the primary requirement because this is a cloud based software. We suggest good domains for resident welfare associations related to the name. We take care of the domain booking for this software application. Our company will also bear the cost of booking a domain. If you already have a domain name we can use this for hosting the application.
Website Hosting
We provide space on the cloud server with all our website plans. This web space is sufficient for hosting the website.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from the official rwa email ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense.

Housing Society Management Software benefits

The best part about the software is easy to use nature. You can also use this on any android or apple mobile because it comes with responsive design. Some noteworthy features include the list below.

RWA Software on Mobile
Managing RWA on mobile phones is easy due to responsive design. The software to manage housing society works perfectly on Mobile phones. It does not matter how big or small the screen size you use the application will adjust itself automatically.
Society Maintenance App
This works as a perfect society maintenance app using the maintenance management feature. You can fetch pending maintenance or data in a few clicks. Therefore it is easy to send notices to defaulters.
Parking Management Software
This also works as a parking management software for society. All resident parking data is stored in a single database. Therefore whenever a car enters the society, you can check the owner’s name and parking details.
Document Database
Online document database allows resident welfare associations to upload public documents. There are common files you wish to share with the residents. Once you upload files in this database everyone will be able to see them.
Event Management
Event management is a very useful feature. For example you want to inform residents about an upcoming general meeting. As administrator, you can create unlimited meetings. You can also send meeting notifications to residents if needed.
Visitor Tracking System
This software for managing RWA comes with a visitor tracking system. Due to this you can also start digital entries for visitors using tablet or mobile on the guard desk.

Housing Society Software gives control over flow of money

Our housing society management software gives you control over money inflow and outflow. You can manage financial transactions in a simple and easy way.

Income Tracker
All maintenance collection automatically goes into income. Therefore you do not need to put extra efforts for this.
Create Digital Invoices
You save a lot of cost involved in paper based invoice. Using the digital invoice system you can create digital invoices in a minute. This helps you save time and be good to our ecosystem.
Transaction Management System
Financial transactions are important. Therefore this rwa software has an inbuilt transaction management system. This allows adding debit and credit transactions. Therefore you can easily get a report about the current financial status of RWA.

RWA Software – Resident Login

Our society resident management system also comes with features like login ID for every resident. Here is the list.

Resident Management
This rwa management software also works as a resident management software. You can easily check how many residents are owners or tenants. This data will help you in connecting with house owners and taking strategic decisions.
Resident Login
All residents get their login ID and password. They can use the credentials to check pending maintenance and other dues.
Resident Profile
Every resident has a unique profile in the application. They can manage their profiles and change their password frequently for additional security.
Resident Support System
We also provide a resident support system with this software. Due to this residents can register their complaints online. RWA representatives can answer these complaints as per their convenience. This is also a good technique to save time.
Export data
You can export a lot of data in excel format to do further calculations and planning. The process of exporting data is also quick and easy.

Society Management Software Value Added Services

All our software applications, website packages and other solutions come with many goodies to make you happy.

Modern Design
We work on modern software development techniques. The user interface is simple and responsive. Due to this you do not have to worry about slow processing or technology updates.
Mobile Ready
We use responsive web design technology for all our software development services. Due to this our application works perfectly on all mobile phones.
All of our software packages come with free training material. Therefore you understand the software and start using it with ease. We also provide video tutorials for better experience.
Software Support
Software support is available throughout the year. We also make sure your application is working 24 Hrs a day without any downtime. In exceptions we are always available for you.

If you are looking for a society maintenance software or a housing society software then this will be a perfect choice. You may also contact our sales team for more details.

You can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.