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Community Website Plan is good for those who believe their community is unique. If you want to create a website for the community, then this website plan will suit your interest.

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A Community Website Plan is a great way to show achievements of individuals in a social group. This community website design plan comes with some important sections. The Community Website Package provides a decent website development for the community. The objective is to let people know why you are important. There are 1000’s of communities in the world and many of them are about to disappear from the planet. Every community has some special features that distincts them from others. For example “Rajput” or “Kshatriya” community in India has always been in the role of a warrior. There are very famous kingdoms in their name. Similarly every community has something special.

Who should Start a Community Website?

People across the globe can read about your community. Therefore, you can easily spread the word about it. The community website plan will work as a meaningful information source. You can also mention myths and anomalies in the system. Due to this people will get a clear picture about your community or social organization.

You may belong to a specific community or a non religious group (group of friends) this web design package is for you.

Domain & Hosting Services

Domain Booking
First of all, domain is the primary requirement of any business. We suggest good domains based on your business model. We also take care of the domain booking with this website development plan. If you already have a domain we can use this for hosting your website.
We provide space on the cloud server with all our website plans. This web space is sufficient for hosting the website.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

Community Website Design Plan Highlights

People across the globe can read about your community. Therefore, you can easily spread the word about it. The website will work as a meaningful information source for community members. You can also mention about myths and anomalies in the system. Due to this people will get a clear picture about your community or social organization.

Mobile Ready
We use responsive web design technology for all our website development services. Due to this your site works perfectly on all mobile phones.
Modern Design
We work on modern website design techniques. Due to this you get a website with the latest software kit. Therefore you do not have to worry about quality. Above all you can also upgrade the site in future when needed.
History & Origin
History is important and future generations can learn from it. History may be good or bad but transferring it to coming generations is important. The common objective is to make sure they do not repeat the same historical mistakes.
Famous Icons
This page showcases successful people from the recent past. These people give motivations to generations. When you have information available in the public domain anyone can read them.
Facebook Page
We create a facebook page under this community website plan. We also take care of initial banners and post. After completion and final delivery of the project we transfer the rights to you.
value added services

Web Design Proposal Value Adds

You get additional benefits like technical support with this community website design package. Therefore, you do not have to buy an additional package for website support.

Social Connect
We link your website with all your social media accounts. Generally these accounts include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Our website packages come with free training to operate the site to ensure smooth running. Most of them are in video format for easy understanding.
Tech Support
Unlimited website support is available throughout the year. We make sure your website is working 24 Hrs a day without downtime. In exceptions we are always available for you.

Our community website plan also comes with additional features like blog creation. This is good when you want to share regular updates with the members.

You can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.


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