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We have amazing web development services if you want to make a blog. A blog is one of the fastest ways to express your views and share in public domain. Creating a blog also gives you freedom to write articles directly from the heart. You get a professional website that matches your area of interest.

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We offer you the easiest way to make a food blog. Therefore with Softrock you enjoy hassle free web development services. You can also start a food blog and make money online via Google Adsense. You may read many articles about how to create a blog but professional web designers know exactly what you want. You not only get a ready to use blog website but also enough information on how to run a food blog.

Domain Cost
Domain Cost is part of the package. Unlike others, we do not have separate billing provision for domain booking. If you have already booked it then we can also use the existing domain.
Blog Site Hosting
We provide secure Blog Website Hosting to start a food blog. This web space is suitable for hosting blog websites. Additionally you also get the option to upgrade to a higher plan in future.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

Make a Food Blog with these Features

We provide enough blog website features needed for better performance. Check the list below to know more.

Mobile Ready
We use responsive web design when you start a blog blog website with us. Due to this your food blog works perfectly on all mobile phones.
Modern Design
We work on modern website design techniques. Therefore you can upgrade your website in future without any hassle. Additionally, the blog website template we use is also perfect. The idea is to make sure you get an amazing self managed blog.
Unlimited Blog Writing Site
We want to walk with you on the writing journey. Therefore, we do not have any limit of blog writing. This is your own blog writing website. Due to this, you can write unlimited articles on this platform.
Digital Profile
The moment you decide to start a food blog website, your profile is important. We take basic information and create a nice page for you.
Future Upgrades
We work on modern website design techniques. Due to this you can upgrade the website in future. Due to this you can upgrade the website in future.
Earn Money via Promotion
Many people create a blog and earn money from advertisements. In the long run if you increase website traffic you can also do it. We give you access to the admin panel so you can control and manage everything.
Tech Support
Unlimited website support is available throughout the year. We make sure your website is working 24 Hrs a day without downtime. In exceptions we are always available for you.

Become a Food Blogger

Every food enthusiast has one question in mind. How to become a food blogger or how to start a food blog and make money. We help you get the answers.

  • First of all cooking is an essential part of our life.
  • Many people search for cooking recipes and different ways of cooking.
  • If you have good content, these people may visit your food blog too.
  • You can increase traffic on the website via social media share etc. After some time you can Create AdSense account and make money online using a blog.
  • You can also sell recipes online or other related products depending on what users are looking for.

You can also check our budget website plans, ecommerce solutions and digital marketing products. Additionally, our frequently asked questions list is available to answer all your queries.


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