RWA Manager

RWA Manager is a unique product designed to manage residential societies and their daily transactions. It works as an easy communication platform between society members and residents and allow them to manage various activities and tasks.

Best software for residential society

Automatic calculation for pending maintenance

Residents can take receipt print for paid maintenance

Every resident / house owner will get a login id and password

Send reminders to people about their monthly pending payments

Allow residents to manage their profile to get their latest contact numbers and emails

Allow residents to download various forms (parking, various joining forms, etc. other useful documents)

Get online feedback.

Online Account information

Benefits of using RWA Manager

Save cost associated with paper

Save money – Save cost on salary overheads as less human efforts required to manage everything

Save Time – The entire process is quick and easy. All tasks are done in few clicks

Be Aware – Get reminders of your payment

Track all residents information and update whenever required

Get feedback and reply to increase resident’s satisfaction

No more filing required and create multiple copies of your backup for better security.