How to Start eCommerce Business in India

How to start an ecommerce business in India is an interesting question. There are many answers to this because of technologies available. Here we will talk about some of the best technologies for ecommerce websites. Starting from basic ecommerce website development to creating an advanced online store you can do it with ease. Many businesses are going online every day. This is due to low ecommerce website development cost. Therefore, today any business can think about ecommerce website designing. You need to follow a systematic procedure for achieving this goal. In this article we will tell you simple steps of Starting an online store in India.

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Ecommerce website in WordPress to start ecommerce business in India

You can create an ecommerce website in WordPress with less technical knowledge. WordPress allows you to sell products online via WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an easy to use plugin. WordPress is also one of the most easy to manage CMS. Basic functionality can be learned in limited time but it takes little time to make it real good. You can launch an ecommerce website in just 5-7 days. The time also includes adding products.

Market Share of WordPress

Market Share of WordPress is more than 60%. This is due to the easy to use interface and a lot of free plugin (functionality) in the community version itself. Due to large market share, more website developers are using WordPress. Therefore, the cost of ecommerce website development is also low.

PHP Web Development

PHP web development is important because this is one of the most used programming languages. WordPress pages also use PHP as the base language. Cost of developing software applications and websites in PHP is also low. Therefore many developers prefer PHP over any other programming language. Above all it is open sources so anyone can use it hassle free without paying any license fee. When the question of how to start an ecommerce business comes to the mind, PHP is always on the priority list.

Market share of PHP

If we combine with WordPress, the market share of PHP becomes more than 75%. Therefore this is something you cannot ignore.

Magento web development

Magento web development is also famous. This is also very fast in comparison. In most cases you need to find a Magento developer if you want to create a website using it. Therefore you may be dependent developers even after launch if you want to make some changes in the website. Same as WordPress this is also very user friendly. Above all you can multiple websites using a single website admin panel.

Market share of Magento

Market share of Magento is almost 1% due to less number of developers using it these days.

Using ASP.NET website development to start ecommerce business

ASP.NET website development solves a specific purpose. This is also a good tool to start an ecommerce business. Due to the robust nature you can design or develop almost every kind of website using Starting from shopping website design templates to developing software applications it works fine. But to make best out of this language you need to be a professional developer. ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft and they are about to stop support for the same. Therefore, we do not recommend using this for new projects.

Market Share of ASP.NET

Market share of is under 10% as per the latest reports. But there are some big applications (including few government applications) running on the ASP.NET platform.

Using MVC Website Development to start ecommerce business

MCV (Model View Controller) is also a Microsoft product. There is also a free of cost community version available. Therefore more developers are learning this. MVC website development is also very systematic. You can design some good websites using MVC platform. Due to this, if you want to go long term you can start an ecommerce business with MVC. This is also among the best tools for small business web design. The website loading speed is also very fast as you only have important code available. You can also remove all unwanted code and links to other websites easily.

Same as ASP.NET you can design anything depending on your requirement. MVC is fast and effective. However you need a skilled developer to manage it later on. The cost of development is on the higher side but it will solve the purpose. MCV allows creating software applications from scratch. Therefore you have no limitation on functionality. MCV can work fine with MSSQL or MYSQL databases depending on your requirement. We highly recommend using MVC in case you have a customized software application in mind.

Market share of MVC

Market share of MVC can be clubbed with ASP.NET share because this is an upgrade over the previous technology. Around 10% of the websites and applications use this programming language.

There are many companies offering ecommerce website design packages. You need to select the best one for you. Just do some research about your exact requirement before you finalize anything. This is also one of the best techniques to Start an eCommerce Business in India.