Website Development Process

Website Development Process is linked with flow of information. You can also call this website development life cycle. No web design company can deliver solutions with incorrect details. Therefore, clients must keep an eye on what’s going on with their project. In this article we will understand the process of making a website. This also includes few common issues with website development etc. The internet world is full of questions like how to make a website? But before you make one, the process is important. Every web design company uses different phases of making a website. But the core objective does not change. You need to make sure that you avoid un-important issues to keep the process smoother.

Website Development Phases

Website development phases depend on the requirement. For example, the website design process for an ecommerce website is different from basic website development. Additionally, if you want custom web development then it will be different. But we can still classify them into six key phases of website development. Check out the website development process steps below and we will try to explain every point in detail.

Website Development Process, web design process


Information Gathering for website design

First of all as we mentioned above, every website is different. Due to which this is the most important part of the website development process. Whole project can go wrong if we miss out on information gathering. In this phase we understand the requirement. For example a client looking for basic website development will have limited requirements. On the other hand in case of ecommerce website development the requirement will be completely different. From the theme selection to company details, we should note down everything. This also gives a clear picture on what the client wants.

Planning and Research

Planning and Research is the next important part of the website development process. Due to this step, companies start to understand the client’s nature of work. If you invest time in the research, the end result will be good. Additionally, planning and research ensures we are moving on the right track. This is linked with reading about the company, making a basic website design plan. In case of small projects this does not require a lot of documentation. Above all you should focus on searching copyright free images and other related information.

Website Design and Development

Once you complete all the research and planning, the next step is website design and development. An easy user interface attracts visitors and good development ensures he comes back again. User engagement is very important to grow your website. At Softrock we provide professional website designing services. We are committed to ensure that the cost of website development you pay delivers the best results.

Content Writing

Content writing services play an important role in making your website unique. Originally written content makes the website development process meaningful. A large number of people simply copy and paste website content from other websites. But in our case we motivate clients to use original content for the website. We also provide them content writers if they need professional content writing services.

Client Feedback and Testing

Website development process is a system that ensures results as planned. Once we complete the design and development phase, the project goes for testing and then from client feedback. The response from the customer ensures that the delivery is as per expectation. If there are any changes, it goes back to the development phase for corrections / improvements. And at the end we move towards the last phase which is closure.

Website Development Process – Closure & Support

Project closure is the last phase. This also involves clearance of financial (if applicable) depending on milestones. In small projects this is simply linked with delivering the credentials. In bigger projects there is a list of deliverables. Maintenance or support services start after closure of the project. You can also call it tech support. If every protocol is followed in the website development process, there are no errors. Support requirements are also limited. But the team is available all the times to make sure websites are running smooth.

Website Development Process FAQ

Different people have different questions about the website development process. As a customer you must be aware about these common questions and answers.

How much time does it take to design a website?

Website development time completely depends on the nature of work and requirement. For example if you are looking for a school website development you may or may not want a basic website design. Additionally, custom website development takes more time. If you want to make an ecommerce website the time duration will be different. Therefore, if the requirement is clear, it is easy to calculate the project cost.

Is the website development process same for all projects?

Website development process is not the same for all projects. For example, a basic website does not need much testing because most things are fixed. Few people also call it a static website. If you want a website in low cost then we can also use ready made website templates.

Is there any standard procedure for all companies?

No, there is no standard procedure of making a website. As mentioned above, every web design company defines their own process. The idea is to ensure customer satisfaction. Every company uses different resources, technologies and there are limitations. Due to this it is very tough to put every company in the same basket.

What is the difference between static and dynamic website?

If you are making a website, you should know the difference between static and dynamic websites. Different developers define it differently but we will explain this in most simple words.

Static Website

A static website is the one which is generally not connected to a database (for example: html website) There are only web pages (like html or php pages) and that is all. No database connection is established to fetch data.

Dynamic Website

In case of a dynamic website, information comes from a database. Normally websites use MYSQL and MSSQL databases depending on technology. For example ASP.NET website will use MSSQL database as standard.

How to find a Good web design company?

First of all there are millions of companies working in this domain. Due to this there is a chance of making the wrong decision. Above all the website development process changes with every company. We recommend that you check the previous projects or work. Check company reviews online. The idea is to learn from other people’s mistakes. If you find the reviews good and you get genuine pricing, you can start your project with the company that meets your requirement.