Website package for small business – Customer Guide

A website package for small business or a website development plan has a list of items in a website services contract. Small businesses normally have a low budget in comparison with big brands. Therefore, companies need to be very careful before selecting the company for website development. In most cases companies design small website proposals based on their past experience. Normally website developers provide information about domain booking, hosting services, website development cost and after sales service. We have tried to cover most of them in detail.

Parts of website package or web design contract

A web design contract if published on the company’s official website covers inclusions or exclusions. Here is a list of the most common parts of a website proposal document.

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Domain Booking

It all starts with a domain. Due to this most contracts cost of domain booking is included. Some companies charge an additional amount for specific domain extension. This is due to higher price or premium domain. The cost of domain may also increase if it is already booked and available in auction. As a common scenario different domain extensions have different costs. Website development companies do not bill you extra or less for a large set of extensions. This is part of the website package.

Hosting Services

Next thing is hosting space. Hosting space or space on the server is needed to run your site smoothly. This is also a common feature which most contracts include. All you need to think about is website speed and security of websites. Most hosting service providers offer decent speed. It all depends on how much resources is the website consuming. This is also linked with the type of website. For example if you are starting an ecommerce website then you need more space in your ecommerce hosting. Due to rising products, your spare requirement will keep on increasing. If your website package does not have any limitations of space it is better.

Email Services

Email services are as important as making a website. A professional email id on your domain name is important. It looks good when you send email from In the case of Softrock Technologies, two business email ids are part of the standard website development proposal in most cases. If you own a website, you should send emails from the official email id. This makes the message look authentic in the eyes of the reader.

Website Development Cost

Website development cost depends on many factors. Therefore, we cannot have one standard cost for all requirements. The primary factors impacting the cost of website development are technology, the number of pages, design type etc. For example – the cost of making an ecommerce website will be different from the cost of a basic website. If a customer is looking for custom website design then the cost of making a website will depend on their requirement. We have created a digital store based on our past experience. The idea is to make small business website development easy and transparent. Additionally you can also check out business specific website development proposals. There is a fair chance that you find the right solution without any hassle.

After sales service is most important in website package

Once the development team delivers the website after sales services start. No matter how good your website design is, poor after sales services can ruin the experience. Therefore, you always check customer reviews to understand this. If customers are leaving positive feedback this means the company will provide good services. In this case your website package will become more meaningful.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate installation is always better than not adding it. However it is not mandatory by governments in most countries. But we recommend that you should take it if the SSL certificate does not come as standard. A large part of internet users in the world use Google chrome as their primary browser to open a website. Google shows Not Secure before every URL that does not use an SSL certificate. Especially in case of ecommerce websites it can damage your product’s image. With the use of SSL your domain will start from HTTPS instead of HTTP. Therefore, if it is not part of your website package, we recommend you take one for your website.