Technical Support by Softrock – This is How it Works

Technical Support or tech support is an important service.Because most customers who buy and use our products or services are not from the IT industry. There are professionals and businessmen from diverse backgrounds. Tech Support exists to ensure they do not face any challenge while using our products or services. You can divide tech support into three main categories email support, phone support and cms support. Read the details to know more about each one of them. Additionally, there are free technical support and paid technical support plans available. Free tech support plan or standard support is part of almost every product or service on our website. You will get related information with all the products. You can also buy tech support plans from our website depending on the service you need.

Standard Technical Support Package

Our web design cost and software development cost both include tech support as standard. Therefore customers do not have to run anywhere. As a customer you simply need to send us communication about the issue. We will put best possible efforts to resolve the issue.

technical support, email support, phone support

Email Support

Email is the most effective way to get support. An email is also a written record of what you requested. We respond to these emails in 24 business hours. Other than this, the solution also depends on the type of issue you are facing. Our technical support team always tries to provide fast solutions. In maximum cases we do not take more than a day to resolve the concern. Email support is available to all our customers. We request you to read the product description for more details.

Tech Support via CMS

CMS is our customer support system. All customers who make purchases on our website can create their account. Other than this we also provide a client login id and password. You can use this login id to check your product details. You can also raise a ticket and get the answers to your queries.

Phone Support

Phone support works well for customers who have limited time to write emails. Technical support via phone is for customers who want faster responses to their inquiries. This is like taking a priority support pack where inquiries get quick answers. You can buy a technical support package for managing websites and software. You need to purchase it separately. In this case we provide a direct connect number for managing issues.

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