Free business email address for customers

Softrock offers business email addresses for customers. Email services are available for all customers who buy website development package from us. Most of our website development plans are fully featured. You get a modern website, hosting services and minimum two free business email accounts.

Why Business email address?

Technically, there is no difference between how business email works against standard email. You can send emails from both the accounts. If you do not need a business email ID, a free Gmail account works fine. A business mail account gives you flexibility to connect with customers from your domain. For example: if your domain name is then your email id can be

A business email address looks professional. Using a business mailbox is much better than using a free mailbox because of obvious reasons. Here is a list of top reasons for buying a business email address.

  1. A business email address is on your domain. This email id also looks professional. For example –
  2. You do not pay initially because we provide 2 free business mailboxes.
  3. A business email gets more recognition and brand value as compare to free emails.
  4. A business email also works as a marketing tool to recognize the brand.

Where do I check email?

Checking emails using business account is very easy. We provide login credentials and direct email access link. Therefore you do not face any trouble while using mailbox. These business emails work fine under following conditions.

  • You can check emails using your webmail account
  • Configure in office outlook account
  • You can also check emails on the phone
  • SMTP settings are also available

What is the price of business email if I need more accounts?

You can by any number of emails required. Additionally, these mailboxes also come at affordable price. You can check latest email prices on our website or connect with our sales executives for more information.

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